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Tales From Cat Rescue: Putting the “Someone” in “Someone Do Something”

Spoiler alert: you are the someone

It’s 6am on a January morning, I’m digging my car out from under a good two inches of thick, stubborn ice. Appointments at our local low cost spay neuter clinic are sometimes backed up for months, so when I was offered one the day before to get in all three female cats I needed to spay (two unrelated kittens and the mother of one of the kittens), I jumped on it. I didn’t literally jump that morning, more like slid across my parking lot and tried not to bust my shit as I skated across the sheet of ice on the pavement.

Scumbag Giardia
  • Why has no one stepped up for this baby? Well, most of the rescues are full. An isolation space in my apartment for a sick shelter cat is a blessing, but I don’t always have one because there’s probably already a sick cat in there. Since I can’t exactly start stuffing cats in my closet or keeping them in my trunk, I’m limited by space. Many rescues are limited by financial constraints as well. We hope most of our pulls get over their shelter colds with a little supportive care but sometimes, they need to be hospitalized. Sometimes they have other issues, like broken bones or nasty eye infections. Until we find the magic cat that shits 24k gold turds, we have to come up with the money to treat them. That’s tough when you’re paying out of pocket or running a small non-profit. If “stepping up” were all the cat needed, they’d all be saved. But they need space, and food, and medicine, and sometimes a lot of medicine, and they probably need to be fixed, and combo tested, and microchipped. None of that is free.
  • Someone help this baby! Again, who are you if not a someone? All the other someones are loaded up, and we could really use a hand someone-ing all these cats. As exhausting as all this work can be — which, again, we don’t get paid for and often do on top of our “real” jobs — there is nothing more rewarding than knowing YOU saved that life, YOU nursed him back to health, YOU got him fixed and vetted and found a wonderful family to adopt him.
  • I would take him but I __________ [already have X number of cats], [live a continent away], [am allergic] Thank you so much for your kind yet useless offer. I’m sure the cat would love to know you’d take him in an alternate universe where you aren’t full up on cats or 3,000 miles away. I would take a family of wombats into my apartment if it made sense but I don’t go around saying that because the last thing I need is a bunch of wombats. It is assumed that most people would take a cat IF [insert condition here] but saying that doesn’t help this cat at this moment. What’s the saying, if wishes were fishes…? Stop wishing and start fishing. Or just shut the fuck up.

Striving to be the person my cat wishes I would be.

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