Interesting facts about Gold Jewelry

Gold, from time immemorial is one of the precious metals that have immense attention and importance. Each royal dynasty has huge amount of gold stored in their treasury. In fact, treasury means huge stock of Gold. Where and when human beings started using gold in the preparation of ornaments is not known exactly. It is a mystery till date. The processing of gold mineral, refining capabilities, distillation process, extraction of gold separating from the associated metals and contamination is a very highly complicated process. Through knowledge in metallurgy and periodic table is a perquisite for a metallurgist to work on the process of gold extraction. However, ancient people had immense understanding in the metallurgical process that is par excellent even for the today’s modern technology and advancement. It is astonishing that they could able to extract pure gold up to the 999% purity. Even today, by using modern technology it is not possible to get this high quality of pure gold without impurities. Even the presence of other metals in traces, that is very minute presence of other metals can bring noticeable changes gold in the properties of this precious metal.

The K in the Gold indicates the quality of the gold used in the preparation of the Ornaments. Pure Gold is indicated by the Prefix K after the numbers like 14, 18, and 22. That is if the Gold is indicated by the 22k Gold, the ornament contains nearly 95% of pure gold. The number decreases with the decrease in the quality of the Gold. Out of all these 22 K Jewelry has highest quality of Gold.

As the quality increases, the number also increased followed a by suffix K. Karat is the unit of measurement of purity of Gold and it is denoted by the English alphabet K in Capital letter. Therefore, one can clearly identify the quality of the gold as soon as they see the tag mentioning the unit of purity in terms of K. Therefore, it is necessary to know what the purity of Gold is, when you wish to buy ornaments or plain gold bar. People invest money on Gold because, only Gold is one such material that if kept in stock, can be turned into liquid cash or immediate cash whenever there is an emergency. People love to invest on gold for its never decreasing value and ever increasing demand. It is one such product other than basic needs that is in high demand in the entire human history.

The history of human evolution is also known as history of Gold and its continuous evolution into fine intricately crafted jewelry by artisans. They are given proper shelter and respectable life leading facilities by the kings and royals in every city having distinguishing culture. There are many popular Gold jewel selling websites that sell online jewels. They produce exquisite jewels which are high artistic and intricate in design. 22k Gold Jewelry sold at provides high customer satisfaction for service and quality. Visit their website to know more about number of varieties available at affordable price.

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