How to Get Guests Instagramming

We met with Jaclyn Johnson the founder of the creative conference for female entrepreneurs Create + Cultivate and the digital marketing agency (No Subject). She is a social media pro and shared with us her best Instagram tips for events. Check them out below and read the full interview here.

  1. “Instagram is so visual. It’s beautiful, bright and clean. When we’re planning the event we’re always trying to create big patterns.
  2. “We’re always trying to think about how can we create beautiful signage, beautiful florals and integrate them into the shot. During set up we’ll post some of the Instagram-able moments. They’re little teasers that get in your head and you know that that’s something that photographs well.”
  3. Lighting is so important. If you go to a dark dinner or dark event you can’t shoot anything without it looking really awful. We had to uplight.”

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