Obese People: Lazy Gluttons or Victims?

I am leaning towards the notion that fat people are greedy lazy gluttons. What we choose to eat is choice. Fat people choose to eat high calorie food that is very unhealthy and then they lie about it. Many fat people lie and claim that they have impossibly slow metabolic rates. I truly hate liar.

In an attempt to understand why 70% of Americans are over weight or obese I decided to interact with them on weight loss and weight loss surgery forums. I would ask them to explain to me why they are fat and why it is in their minds a matter of can’t rather than a matter of won’t and that question makes them very nasty and hostile. If I were in their presence I would probably punch their fat nasty lying faces because I think that is exactly what they need.

The women are the worst. They are the most hostile to reason and facts and they are by far the dumbest and the most dishonest. Time when I would present under the guise of slender fit female they would get extremely nasty and hostile. Fat girls tend to be stinky so maybe they are more irritable due to their chronic yeast infections?

Then it dawned on me. Fat people exhibit the same abhorrent behavior as addicts and drunks. Maybe they are victims and as we know the chances of an addict or a drunk getting clean are slim given the treatment available these days. My gut instinct when it come to disrespectful liars who play the victim card in to throttle them as I ridicule them. Maybe that’s the answer? When I see young people smoking I want to beat them into a bloody pulp for being so stupid. Maybe that’s the answer? It would be very satisfying to just walk up to one of those asshole and knock a few of their teeth out of their ignorant heads. But as disgusting as smokers are, it is a fact that nicotine is highly addictive but still they can and do quit and they don’t lie about their smoking. Maybe they quit because cancer kills much more quickly than obesity.

If you are a fatty and you are reading this, get as mean and as nasty as you want because that is all you have. But know this, most responsible people feel the same way I do.