I have a project I want to share that I hope will resonate with parents and aspiring designers!

Growing up, there weren’t many books about what design was. So I decided to write and illustrate a simple picture book about design, intended to inspire young kids.

You can order the books with the links below:
Paperback (on Amazon)
Paperback (on Blurb)
Hardcover (on Blurb)
Kindle ebook (on Amazon)


Hi internet.

I made 3 new Android games/apps. They’re pretty silly and useless. Shouldn’t there be more useless apps like that though?

Hi, it’s me again!

I’m following up my previous post with more thoughts in designing Who’s Down. Here are some of my personal (design-focused) takeaways from designing and launching a product from scratch.

Design for Wiggle-room

Strive for excellence, not perfection
Design the ideal user experience to 70% and leave 30% for the unknown. Make sure the foundation is there and it can scale. Often times, as you build something, unknown issues come into play (technical, time, etc) and you need to come up with new solutions on the fly. If the core experience and foundation (e.g. …

I’m proud and excited to announce a new Google app I’ve been working on called Who’s Down. It makes getting together with your friends easier, with less hassle and planning. It’s especially great for spontaneous meetups.

The idea is simple. It’s a Saturday morning. You wake up and you’re craving breakfast burritos for brunch. You want to see who else is down for burritos. You pop open the app, and slide the slider to let your friends know you want to grab brunch. That’s it.

You can fall back asleep, binge watch Netflix in bed, do whatever, and bam! —…

Aaron Druck

Designer @ Google / aarondruck.com

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