Remarkable Healing Story From Italy Using Dr Pankaj Naram’s Breakthrough Ancient Healing Secrets

Believe it or not, people thought she was crazy, but now she is the one laughing, with joy.

At 56 years old, Maria Chiara wondered if she would have to give up her dream. Menopause had already come, she was feeling depressed, having pain everywhere, very tired, hot flushes, and she had been without a period for 3 years. Then why did she have a burning desire in her heart to have a baby? Could God be so cruel to put this burning desire in her heart and not make a way for it to come into reality?

Dr Giovanni Brincivalli, respected Italian doctor who studied at the University of Bologna medical school, said, “Like in the case of many women going through menopause, all the hormonal changes brought a lot of emotions, frustrations, aches, pains, and emotional, mental and physical challenges. Sometimes she thought maybe she was going crazy. She felt as if her value as a woman, as a person, was fading away.”

This was until that fateful day when she read an Italian newspaper article about a visiting healer from India.

Maria Chiara said, “When I read the newspaper article, something just told my heart to go see Dr Pankaj Naram. Just to drop everything and go. Something told me that he could help me.”

Many people from around the world have that experience when reading the story of this ancient healer, Dr Naram. When they discover how he was taught the deeper healing secrets of mother earth, and how he has used them now to help more than a million people from 108 countries, something tells them just to go and see him, that he might have something that can help them. For Maria Chiara, this gave her a spark of hope, and she asked herself, “I wonder… can he help me? So I called the number to schedule the appointment, and was lucky I called right away to get one before it was completely full.”

Watch this true story of what happens to her, as a result of her meeting Dr Naram in Cesena, Italy, and learning how his ancient healing methods bring deep healing, and deeper transformation:

Before meeting Dr Naram, she was feeling depression, fatigue, pain, extreme hot flashes, and cramps. Now she feels like she is in heaven.

Maria Chiara said, “Another thing, now all the people that I meet guess that I am 10–15 years younger than I am! I feel very proud and feel very happy. Deep thanks to Dr. Naram and ancient secrets to bring this youthful fullness and youthful looking to my life again.”

Dr Giovanni said, “This is something I actually don’t know how to explain. I am very surprised, as from the medical point of view this is something very amazing. When Dr. Naram was speaking with her and saying I can help you, I was with him. When I heard her desire, I thought, ‘I don’t know’. I was skeptical and very doubtful. When Dr Naram said he thought he could help, I began to fight with him, arguing that he should not give false hope to Italian patients that come to my clinic. Why give hope to a hopeless case? I have seen younger patients, they go in menopause and then with Dr Naram’s ancient healing secrets they again regained their cycle. But at this age? Actually I have never seen. I was very skeptical. And now what has happened for her is something fantastic.”

Dr Giovanni looked thoughtful and then said, “Through this experience Dr Naram taught me one of the most important lessons of my life. He said, ‘It is not important what we think is possible, or what anyone thinks is possible. My master taught me that when people have a burning desire, and this burning desire inspires lots of discipline, lots of patience, lots of hope — then Ancient secrets can help them find the way to achieve many things that before seemed impossible.’”

Dr Giovanni added, “I was looking into Maria Chiara’s eyes, feeling her hope, her possibility, and I decided she is my healer. She is helping to heal my skeptic. To see beyond what I previously believed to show me what else was possible that I never before imagined. She helped me move past my logical analytical brain, trained to ‘know’ what was possible, and instead to open my heart — in order to have one of the most transformative experiences of my life. I know realize that as doctors we have a responsibility, when we see cases that we do not know how to solve. Instead of saying, ‘It is not possible’ the most honest thing we can say is, “I do not know if it is possible.’ And in that way, perhaps we will get away from ego and be ready to learn more.”

At another location, Dr Lydia, with a successful family medical practice for more than 15 years in Canada, also came to Dr Naram for his advice in how she and her husband could have a baby. This doctor’s problem was that her husband had a vasectomy 9 years before, and when they tried to reverse it nothing was working. She said, “We had already been for IVF consultation and twice I delayed having a procedure. Then we went to see Dr. Naram and my sister said, ‘why don’t you talk to him about it?’”

Dr Lydia reported that Dr Naram had recommended certain ancient herbal formulas for both herself and her husband, as well as his advice to not try to conceive for the next 3 months.

Dr Lydia said, “And I just knew it was significant, and so we did. And almost right at the three month’s point we were on vacation in Europe and we were both relaxed and you know, just relaxed and feeling good. So we tried and I know the moment that she was conceived, I know. And now she is 2 years old, 2 years and 3 months now and she is wonderful, and I am so happy!

“Being a mother is the most wonderful and most difficult thing that I would ever do in my life. Nothing that I have done, including training to become a doctor, is as difficult. And nothing, nothing has given me as much joy like at the deepest level. We are so happy, she is like our miracle. Our miracle from Dr Naram.”

Speaking of Dr Naram, Dr Lydia said, “It is funny because I am a medical doctor so I refer people for IVF occasionally, and yet those medicines and the artificial change for your hormones, I don’t think it is good for your body. When I know there is someone who might be open, I actually tell them about the natural Ancient Healing methods of Dr Naram. It is sensitive because it is so personal, but when it feels right I can share that it has helped me in many ways and that I know that it works and then I tell them about Dr. Naram. I would love to be able to say it to everyone who is having difficulty having children or any health matter that this works, and I know it works. I know it works because my daughter is living proof that it works!”

Dr Giovanni said, “I have been watching Dr Naram for more than 20 years now, and I have seen him solve some of the most severe cases of infertility in both men and women from Paris, Germany, Italy, India, Canada, U.S., U.K., and all around the world, using his ancient secrets. Some of the most remarkable cases for me have been the men who have come with azoospermia, and had zero sperm count and zero motility. In Western medicine, at this point the options are very limited, and usually involve cutting into the male’s testicles for surgery, but with no ultimate promise of results. What man would ever want to have someone cut into their sensitive reproductive organs and tissues if there was another option? But on the other hand, I have now seen many men, simply using Dr Naram’s secret diet recommendations and ancient herbal remedies, come back with their lab reports and we see that their sperm count is now in the millions! Each time I see this, from a medical standpoint, I am truly amazed.”

Dr Lydia, when speaking to other doctors, added, “You can very much integrate [these ancient remedies and methods] into your Western medical practice, you can do that. There is nothing in Western medicine, the way I feel, that will stop disease before it happens. [Dr Naram helps] prevent disease and sees where you are going. He sees the path you are on before you get to the end sick destination. Nothing in Western medicine really does that and so we could do that and learn a lot from him.”

Thinking back on her experience she shared, “There is something about Dr Naram, I trust him. He has my full faith as a result of what he has done for our family. I cannot thank him enough. He has given me one of the greatest gifts in my life. And I have tremendous gratitude to him always.”

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