10 Legitimate Places to Find Jobs

I nostalgically remember a certain comedian insinuating that the employment sector has become barren and it cannot conceive anymore. It may sound funny and barbaric, but it is evident that it has become a job to search for a job. Have you been caught in the paradox? Have you been applying for jobs until the fingers are aching due to numerous proposals were written? Or is your email filled with scams and filthy messages due to applying to ghost jobs and email fishers? Well, am sorry if that’s you. However, there is a remedy as I have compiled top 10 legitimate sites to find both onsite and online jobs across the world.

Flexjobs.com — It is one of the largest market sites for jobs. It has an array of jobs ranging from manual jobs, professional jobs to freelance jobs. The majority of the big companies outsource their jobs in this platform.
Upwork.com- It is a site specifically for freelancers. It accepts freelancers from any part of the world. The majority of its employees work from home or their preferred places.

Freelancer.com- it is one of the oldest and largest job market for freelancers across the globe. Anyone with relevant skills is eligible to join and start earning.

Guru.com- Guru is another reputable freelance site that accepts freelancers from any part of the world. Some freelancers make a 6 figure salary every month from this site.

Indeed.com- It is a site endowed with thousands of jobs. Most jobs are posted from Canada, USA, and the United Kingdom. Registration is free and skilled freelancers are eligible to join.

About.com- It is a site that was designed with the aim of linking potential employees to legitimate jobs. It is endowed with links to various job boards across the world.

Remotive.com- Remotive is an online job board that allows companies to advertise their vacancies. If you are lucky enough, you can land a long-term contract from the site.

Staff.com- unlike other freelancer platforms, it focusses on long-term contracts, and lucky candidates can secure a full-time job on this site. Mostly jobs vary from full-time to part-time.

Idealist.com — is a professional site offering services across the world. It allows both online and onsite jobs. Many people have traveled to different places in the world through this site.

CareerBuilder.com- Located in the United States of America, the site offers an array of jobs ranging from full-time to part-time jobs. It also offers freelance jobs.

Do you have relevant skills required to perform a certain task? Have you been tirelessly looking for a convenient job that suits your passion? I guess your queries have been handled amicably. However, consider reading the site rules and regulations to avoid been barred from accessing the site.