How to Politely Turn Down a Job Offer

Over the years, there are has been numerous incidences where people turn down job offers. Most organizations can attest that indeed most new applicants who are fit for the job typically turn down the offer. Several reasons compel a person to reject a plum job offered. For instance, the remuneration agreements, the conditions of the job, and the laws and regulations that govern the firm are some of the reasons that may influence a person to reject a job offer. Also, the candidate may be having several job options to choose from. In such a case, he/she may be required to draft a letter to turn down a job offer that does not tally with his expectations.

Having to impress a firm to accept your job application is not an easy task. On the flipside, having to turn down a vacant post you had bitterly fought for is a bitter pill to swallow. As a professional in your area of expertise, there are ethics that you must embrace when turning down a job offer to prevent denting one’s public image. Just take a look at some of the precautions and steps necessary when turning down a job offer.

Always ensure promptness- If you have been selected for a job offer, and afterwards you realize that you had made a mistake, it is decent to inform the firm to award the job to someone else. It will reduce time wastage, and the company will respect you for making bold and decent decisions. It may trigger them to refer you in future in case an opportunity arises. Don’t waste time when making critical decisions that require urgency and avoid keeping your prospective employer guessing.

Always be thankful- Always ensure to thank an employer who has awarded you a job and remember to keep it professional. Don’t show the business how she/he wasted their time by awarding you their job, keep it professional and let the boss feel it was worthy selecting you for the post regardless of you turning down the offer.

Keeping the prospects open- Having to decline a job does not mean that the company will not consider hiring you once more. Sometimes, companies prefer dealing with professional workers who are decent and have excellent communication skills. Informing the prospective employer in advance that you want to turn down a job offer is a good indication of great communication skills. Thus, this is a sure way of keeping prospects open, and it may land you plum positions in future.

Many opportunities knock on our doors each dawn and as professional job seekers, we should ensure that we uphold the highest degrees of morals and ethics to avoid watering down our reputation.

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