Lesson Learnt From Quitting a Job With No Backup Plan

Sometimes we are compelled to quit our jobs without even having a back-up plan. Several reasons compel one to discard the current job with the hopes of getting a better job. For instance, poor remuneration, harsh working conditions and wars at work are some of the reasons that may trigger one to quit his day job. However, it is prudent for one to think of a back-up plan before quitting his permanent job. A good back-up plan will ensure that you continue meeting your basic needs without having to strain yourself. Just take a look at some of the lessons that emanate from quitting your permanent job without having a back-up plan.

Arrogance and discarding other people’s opinion

As much as you think you are making the right decision, other people may have a different opinion. As you analyze on what you may venture into, a lot of discouragements will flow your way. You must be prepared for criticisms that come in various forms after quitting a job. All in all, it’s about you and you have to stand firm and stick to your guns for the purpose of self- satisfaction. As much as you need assurance and approval from other people, you have to put in mind that it solely depends on you.

Confidence is necessary

After quitting your job, it is important to have a plan of what you expect to do. Confidence is one aspect that prepares us to face the unexpected. It is important to make plans based on finances, communication as well as the steps you intend to take now that you are jobless. It may be a scary, but it is exciting especially with the mind of having a less dramatic, pressure and self-independent career. Being optimistic will see you rising to unexpected levels as opportunities come for nowhere.

Your career is not a defining factor

Most times we tend to define our lives in regards to our jobs. What you do is the most important thing. Quitting is a scary experience but taking a leap of faith into what you think is better than your career is also important. There is no need to justify yourself for quitting, focus on executing your next steps and make it big in what you decide to venture.

Know your trails

Fear is the scariest thing that engulfs somebody for lack of a solid backup plan. The guard trails give you confidence in pursuit of your next search for greener pastures. Be it an employment search or a startup you have in mind, it is always good to follow your instincts as well as an execution plan.

All in all, make sure you spend time with people who positively embrace your ideas.