The ADSactly Scam

ADSactly Scam
May 1, 2018 · 6 min read
The ADSactly Scam that never was a scam

ADSactly, the ADS in ADSactly standing for Autonomous Decentralized Society, was one of the first ever Decentralized Autonomous Societies (DAS) to enter the cryptocurrency space.

As such, they have made mistakes and errors along the way as well as had some great successes.

Many of the members started out in the industry of multi-level-marketing, others in the industry of traffic exchanges, and still others had their start in cryptocurrency. As such, there was a large learning curve for some as well as much stumbling as a society to grow to where they are today.

If you don’t already know this, the goal of ADSactly is to help cryptocurrency become more adopted mainstream and to help people who don’t understand cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency investing, cryptocurrency trading, and similar topics relating to cryptocurrency become more educated.

Since it was one of the first DAS’s in cryptocurrency, ADSactly has made some errors along the way. They used a platform known as horizon at one point which ended up becoming a nearly defunct platform.

After they stopped using horizon, then moved to a platform called burst. Due to some unfortunate actions of some people in the burst community as well as some limitations within the burst protocol, they opted to leave this platform for something more suited to their needs, as well as to save their reputation and maintain some dignity in the cryptocurrency community.

On burst, some of the community members began to point out every little flaw within the ADSactly society they could find, ignoring the fact ADSactly was in new territory trying to do things no one had ever done before.

Scammer and Spammer Adam Guerbuez

The people trying to paint ADSactly as a scam were lead by none other than Adam Guerbuez.

This is actually rather humorous considering this is the same Adam Guerbuez that was found guilty in a court of law to be scamming people and spamming the facebook network.

He was taken to court by Facebook and the lawsuit ended in 1 billion US dollars being award to facebook against the scammer Adam Guerbuez.

So this Adam Guerbuez and friends tried to get involved with ADSactly and paint it out to be a scam when it was actually Adam who was the scammer. His facebook spamming scam (he tried to sell tea as male enhancement drugs), is also not the only scam he has been part of either.

He has since tried to scam countless cryptocurrency communities to recover losses and make the money he owes facebook by spamming and scamming entire communities out of cryptocurrency fund. He is truly broke.

Anyways, so this guy tried to take several screenshots of posts made by ADSactly and show people ADSactly was just a scam. He took posts out of context, he made fake posts in ADSactly name, tried to claim the entire society one was single member known as Micah Wallace, and make the society appears to be one giant scam. The truth is ADSactly was trying to find platforms that could help them carry out their mission of helping people get involved with cryptocurrency — nothing more or less.

Because of the actions taking place on BurstNation, a web forum for the burst network, as well as limitations of the burst cryptocurrency platform, the ADSactly society decided to sell all their bursts and find yet another platform. This time they took OKCash as well as the popular social platform SteemIt.

This is how the Cryptocurrency Society of Secrets (CSOS) became involved with ADSactly. We researched the details of all the claims about ADSactly being a scam and realized right away they were entirely fake in nature and that the mission of the ADSactly Society and of CSOS aligned perfectly.

ADSactly Scam — or ADSactly team?

ADSactly, has a few core missions. First is to educate people about cryptocurrency. Second they help new people get involved with cryptocurrency and learn about trading. They give back to their members in the form of “raining” cryptocurrency within their discord channels (chat rooms). They have a society mining pool to help fund their society as well as a membership fees to get involved. They also use the SteemIt platform to help educate the masses.

ADSactly and CSOS have now merged. ADSactly is helping fund CSOS with a substantial amount of cryptocurrency. This money is to be used among other things to help ADSactly get a marketing platform they have had developed launched and up and running which will further give back to their members in the way of the members being able to earn various cryptocurrencies. It is also being used to help clean up the ADSactly Society reputation and get their true goals and missions spread to the cryptocurrency community at large.

Finally and most importantly it is helping CSOS fund the creation of a cryptocurrency educational platform that will be free for members of both communities to take educational courses in a virtual online classroom setting to learn about Bitcoin, Lightning Network, Segwit, using cryptocurrency wallets, using various trading platforms, mining from pc’s and laptops, mining with more advanced hardware like ASIC miners, as well as various cryptocurrency technologies.

The goal of both societies is to help produce quality information and quality news that users can trust.

As mentioned, ADSactly is working on several different ways to pay back members including a marketing platform and through “raining cryptocurrency” through their discord channels.

ADSactly may at some point in the future offer returns to members in the way of dividends but this is not a guarantee and never truly has been, however this claim has been used by many members to bring in new members, something ADSactly is trying to put an end to. It is also where the “ADSactly Scam” claims originated.

ADSactly Scam doesn’t actually exist. There is no scam behind ADSactly. Dividends are returned to members at the discretion of the society based on how involved people are with the society and there is no promise to any given member of returns outside of their upcoming marketing platform.

ADSactly is all about education and has been helping educate their members about cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency trading without the need of fiat currency since it was first introduced more than 4 years ago.

ADSactly is also not a ponzi scam. BehindMLM attempted to make assumptions about ADSactly more than a year before they ever had launched a marketing website looking at nothing more than a test of their upcoming platform and using that as a basis for their claims. ADSactly is not, nor has it ever been multi-level in design.

So all these claims of the ADSactly Scam, are entirely false in nature and with the help of partnering with CSOS, ADSactly will finally be able to have a solid educational platform to show its members for their years of continued support despite all the negative publicity put out by crooks and scammers.

One thing anyone getting involved with cryptocurrency should be aware of is the acronym “FUD”, which stands for “fear, uncertainty and doubt”. It is a technique used by many to discredit otherwise honest organizations, projects, and societies and no one has understood this term more than the ADSactly Society.

So if you are uncertain about ADSactly or if you have read the ADSactly Scam claims, rest assured, ADSactly is coming out with some major projects and is working with CSOS to make these things a reality. Before the end of the 2018 year, ADSactly will finally make it clear to all the naysayers just how honest and reputable they true are.