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It is but relevant to take a peek into the past and revere these great souls who have almost been forgotten by present day performers barring a few down South.

There are mainly 4 most famous Tamil musicians who have a great hand in establishing and bringing up the Tamil Music. If you see the videos of famous Tamil Musicians on Tamil Cinema Trending Videos, then these four will top the list:

1. Muthu Thandavar — he was the composer of the present day Carnatic kriti song format, which consists of pallavi (refrain), anupallavi and charanam. He is also known as the Tamil Trinity of Carnatic Music. He hailed from a family of hereditary musicians called Isai Vellalar (music cultivators) who were generally assigned as temple musicians. The ecstatic compositions that poured forth in his devotional fervour turned out to be kritis of excellence.

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2. Marimutthu Pillai — he was also the composer of Carnatic music and devotee of Nataraja of Chidambaram. And along with Muthu Thandavar, he also one of the pioneering Tamil Trinity member. His most popular compositions are Orukal Sivachidambaram (Arabhi) and Kalai tookki (Yadukulakambhoji).

3. Arunachala Kavi — He was also a composer of Carnatic music and also a Tamil poet. Along with the two people mentioned above, he also was the member of the Tamil Trinity, infact all three of them made the Tamil Trinity, who have contributed to the evolution of the Carnatic Music. He had attained mastery over Kamban Ramayanam and the Tirukkural, as evident from his famous musical Rama Natakam , which is replete with Tamil aphorisms

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Many young musicians are unaware of the authorship of… kritis that popular to this day in concerts. Ypu can watch all the kritis by these three Tamil trinities on music composers of south trending on Tollywood Latest Trending Videos or can go to video platforms like Viduda to watch their compositions and songs.

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