How Do I Know If I Have A Higher Risk Of Gum Disease?

Periodontal Summary Score

There are a variety of tools most dentists use to assess your current gum health. Dr. Galler is the developer of a system called the Periodontal Summary Score (PSS), which does that and more.

The PSS will assess your oral health and determine your risk for developing gum disease. It’s a simple process and there is no extra cost to you. Over the years, our patients have benefited from it greatly, and you can too.

The Periodontal Summary Score will give you your current oral health score, which you can compare to a healthy target score of 10–0–10. You will also receive your risk profile and details on steps you can take to lower your risk of gum disease.

Your PSS is a snapshot of your oral health. At every visit, we take another snapshot, and you can clearly watch with us as your condition improves and stabilizes. If your condition worsens at some point, the snapshot allows us to catch it immediately and intervene with corrective care. You benefit from early diagnosis and care. Vist our PSS website to learn more.

Will I Still Get My Teeth Cleaned?

Of course! Dental Cleaning + PSS = Greater Patient Health. Not only will you have your teeth cleaned, you will better understand your oral health or risks, and can use the information to make better oral health decisions. After all, teeth make a smile. A smile makes for confidence. Confidence makes your day better at home, at work, in your career, in social settings with friends and family, and in your love life. Life is better with a beautiful smile full of healthy teeth!

Your dental cleaning will include the removal of bacteria & toxins from above and/or below the gum line. The bacteria in plaque produce toxins that inflame the gums and cause gum disease, bone loss and tooth loss. It begins with invisible, painless symptoms, so professional care is advised to catch it early.

Also, tooth brushing and flossing at home cannot remove bacteria and toxins below the gumline. Your dental hygienist can access those areas using professional tools in a gentle manner. We will floss and polish your teeth to a shine. In addition to your dental cleaning, our hygienists also offer you:

  • Your PSS Score & Periodontal Risk Assessment
  • Gum Disease Therapy
  • Gum Disease Therapy & Ongoing Care
  • Laser Therapy, applying medicine and disinfectants to infected or diseased areas
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Preventative Guidance; based on your oral condition, our hygienists might offer simple instructions for you to follow at home

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