Treatment of Peri-Implantitis With Gum Grafting!

Gum Disease around dental implants can progress gradually. In the below example we can see the implants were perfectly fine for 3 years. Problems started developing in 2012 and onwards. By 2015 there was visible bone loss around the dental implant, which required surgery to correct. Unfortunately, surgical care could not correct the problem and the failed implant required a removal.

The disease progression x-ray
More in depth look at progression

In order to correct this Dr. Galler performed gum-grafting surgery. This was done by opening the gum, taking tissue from the top and inserting it underneath the existing gum. A great deal of the exposed metal implant was covered. Once the gum healed, it became thick again.

Treatment with gum grafting

Treatment Approach (In Ascending Order of Importance)

  1. Begin careful long term observation of the implant
  2. Evaluate occlusal (biting) forces and reduce pressure on the implant
  3. Promote specific oral hygiene measures to clean the implant properly
  4. Local debridement — cleaning around the implant
  5. Implant surface decontamination — removal of bacteria
  6. Anti-infective therapy — antibiotic treatment
  7. Surgery — most invasive
  8. Explantation — removal of the implant

Are You Concerned With Bone Loss Around Your Implant?

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