“A new state of the art blockchain platform, AdSigma” — states TheCurrencyAnalytics

Apr 18, 2018 · 2 min read

AdSigma is a state of the art blockchain-based Advertiser-Publisher network which is committed to introduce a new wave in the digital ads industry by addressing some key problems plaguing the $200 billion worth today.

(Stated TheCurrencyAnalytics in its article)

No more wasting money on ad networks in digital display advertising. A new state of the art blockchain platform, AdSigma, is looking forward to revolutionize the world of digital display advertising by cutting out the pricey middleman quotient to make things more affordable and convenient for advertisers and publishers. The pathbreaking portal is already garnering huge support from the industry and the leading cryptocurrency news portal TheCurrencyAnalytics.com is highly recommending investors to participate in the AdSigma ICO.

AdSigma has recently launched its Pre-Sale ICO with 25% bonus which is going to end by April 20. The token price of the pre-sale is -1 ETH= 3,750 ADSi (AdSigma token).

According to the report from TheCurrencyAnalytics.com, AdSigma represents a cutting edge blockchain-based Advertiser-Publisher network which is committed to solve some key problems plaguing the $200 billion worth Digital Ads industry today through its easily scalable, decentralized and transparent infrastructure. The 3 major issues to be addressed by the platform are-

  • Unjust commission rate

Advertising networks such as Facebook and Google generally charge ridiculously expensive commissions from publishers.

AdSigma aspires to address the problem through its Ethereum-based platform that conveniently eliminates the requirement of advertisement networks. The platform puts forward a system where publishers and advertisers will be able to communicate “directly” without any advertising network in between. The relaying fees will be discovered by market forces automatically and publishers will be able to retain higher margins.

  • Lack of freedom for negotiation

At present, it’s the advertising networks that develop and control pricing policies & advertisers and publishers are bound to comply with that. There is no freedom of negotiation between advertisers and publishers and no transparency about the bidding procedure.

With AdSigma, advertisers and publishers will be free to decide on their own pricing policy and won’t be restricted by any middleman.

  • Irrelevant advertisements

Sometimes, advertisements are featured on irrelevant places that render no ROI for advertiser.

AdSigma has come up with an intelligent protocol with advanced matchmaking ability to ensure ads are featured on the most relevant places for best exposure before right target audience.

AdSigma aims to dramatically enhance the efficiency of digital display advertising through the use of ADSi token that can be exchanged directly between publishers and advertisers- without the presence of any middlemen. As a result, the publisher will get to retain 100% profit and advertisers will also enjoy lower rates.

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Source: https://thecurrencyanalytics.com/678/adsigma-to-revolutionize-digital-display-advertising-thecurrencyanalytics-recommends-fast-participation/

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