AdSigma Crowdsale is live now. Grab the opportunity.

AdSigma’s crowdsale is live now.

A Detailed Instructions on How to Invest in AdSigma Crowd-Sale

Part 1: Create new wallet on

You can skip to Part 2 if you already have a wallet on Also, please note that do not send ethers from any exchange.

Go to

2. Input strong password (make sure you remember this) and then click on ‘Create New Wallet’.

3. Next, click on ‘Download Keystore File(UTC / JSON)’ and save the downloaded file at a secure place.

4. Click on ‘I understand. Continue’ on the same page.

5. Save the private key displayed on the screen securely because it gives full access to your wallet. Then click on ‘Print Paper Wallet’ and print the document generated.

6. Click on the button ‘Save Your Address’.

7. On next screen, select ‘Keystore File (UTC / JSON)’, select wallet file downloaded earlier, enter password which you entered at the beginning to create wallet and then click on ‘Unlock’.

8. Scroll down to find your Address under ‘Account Address’. This is the public address which you can safely share with anyone to receive ethers in future.

9. Next, you can buy ETH from Coinbase by clicking here.

Part 2: Participate in AdSigma ICO

Navigate to and unlock your wallet. Select ‘Keystore File (UTC / JSON)’, select wallet file downloaded earlier, enter the password and then click on ‘Unlock’.

2. Enter AdSigma ICO address “0xcdd1a0fdbad9dc6c0f4dbfec9977a1a98087f33a”, enter the amount you want to send, set Gas Limit to 300000(recommended) and then click on ‘Generate Transaction’.

3. Next click on ‘Send Transaction’ and then on ‘Yes, I am sure! Make transaction.’ on the pop-up to confirm the transaction.

Part 3: Show ADSi Tokens in wallet

After participating in ICO, follow these steps to reflect AdSigma’s ADSi Token in your wallet.

Click on ‘Add Custom Token’ in Token Balances section.
2. Add 0xc9c9848979455a816800de882cf8886335f505b1 in Address, “ADSi” in Token Symbol and then 18 in Decimals and click on ‘Save’.

Check after sometime, ADSi token should appear in your wallet. If not, click on ‘Load Token Balances’.

If you face any issue, contact us at