Digital Story

I plan to cover the topic of christianity across the university of Minnesota’s campus. I want to explain my life as a christian, and the difficulties of growing up going to lutheran private schools, to now attending a non religious affiliated college. I want to show the similarities and differences between private school and a public university.

I plan to conducted interviews in the bible study group I attend on Thursday nights called True North. I want to know what other christians face in their everyday lives while attending this university. I will ask questions along the lines of, “do you find it more difficult to go to church on the weekend while living at college?”, “Is it hard finding others that share the same beliefs as you?”, “Do you ever regret coming to a public university versus a private religious university?”.

As of right now, I do not have any data points relating to my topic, but I plan to gather that along the way.

The beginning of my digital story will beginning with explain my christian background, and how I grew up being taught christianity. I will go over the facts that I did not start off at private school, but later transferred over. I will briefly explain the difficulties of switching schools, and the challenges I faced. I will explain the positives of my private school education, and how it helped shaped me into the person I am today. I will have brief interview questions that will be asked to people in my bible study. After, I will also answer the questions that I asked them. I will end with talking about how I have overcome the many challenges and hardships in life due to my christianity, and how those challenges have made me a better person.

This is a photo of most of the “True North” kids after church on Sunday.

These are two pictures of one of our members helping paint one of our three panels on the bridge.

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