Time To Create Your Shop — Account Creation

As discussed earlier, For Google Shopping to work you need AdWords, Google Merchant Center and Google Analytics. Now if you are ready to start the work immediately, let’s get the basics of how to set all these accounts quickly. Creating these accounts is not the real task. The real work starts when you create a feed, strategize your bidding and monitoring and optimizing your feed.

Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center is the home for all your feeds. You can change all the necessary details required for running Google Shopping Ads. So what is feed? It’s the detailed data of your product formatted…

Goals And Competitions

Before starting a campaign each business has to know about their goals and who are their competitors. After deciding on the ones only it will be effective to create a campaign. Let’s have an overview of it, there are 3 major factors such as


As the name suggests, you should always have a goal which should keep you on track and focused on what are going to do. Goals should be set and opportunities should be taken in the form of creativity and problem solving so as to get the answer for what you need.

  • What should be your Cost…

Google Shopping and how it works

As you are clear about the introduction to Google shopping, now let us understand what is this and how do online merchants do it. Google Shopping is possible with the help of Adwords and Google Merchant Center.

Google Merchant Center: All your feeds will be placed in Google Merchant Center. Feeds are nothing but the details of your product arranged in a manner according to Google guidelines.

Adwords: A place where you

  • Create Shopping Campaigns,
  • A Budget for Campaigns,
  • Bidding And Managing the bids,
  • Having an Insight on your performing products,
  • and optimizing the products based on their performance.


Introduction to Google Shopping

Are you thinking of becoming an online market merchant? Where you can find ways to target or reach your potential customers. Online marketing looks easy and efficient, but there are hell loads of obstacles as the competition is high and reaching customer’s expectation is another big task to understand when you have other shopping giants already prevailing in the online marketing needless to say their names.

The Best of all is Google Shopping or otherwise called as PLA’s (Product Listings Ads). So, what is Google Shopping, it is nothing but the ads shown while a person is searching for a…

6 Black Friday Myths & Facts

As Black Friday is regarded as holiday season, people tend to shop more than usual. People start preparing the list a week before for the big day. There are different opinions of people — Is Black Friday Shopping worth it? Point in shopping on Black Friday?

But there are misconceptions about Black Friday which needs to be busted.

Myth: No reason to go shopping on Black Friday

Black Friday comes after the day of Thanksgiving and a common perception of people would be no good sale on desired products, as the season has just started.

Fact: There are offers for…

Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) Guide for Slow Starters

As the holiday season is coming soon, people would have started their planning for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Procrastinators retailers plan till the end eventually making a hasty decision. This guide is for those procrastinators.

There is 3 step guide which will help you promoting BFCM sale effectively.

1. Plan It Out
Ask yourself — Are You READY?
Is your website ready to handle a large number of requests made? Will you be able to make the customers hassle-free product shopping? Is your stock details updated and also is your inventory updated? …

E-commerce Guide For Black Friday

When Is Black Friday?23 November 2018
Black Friday comes the very next day of Thanksgiving. There was an estimated sale of 7.9$ Billion on the account of Thanksgiving and Black Friday through online shopping, it was actually a 17% increase in sales which is increasing year after year.

How will this effect E-Commerce Retailers?
General details about Black Friday, a retailer should know.

  • Statistics
  • Data
  • Market
  • Trends
  • How to be ready to compete with your competitors.

Black Friday Tip 1 — Start early The Advertising gets costlier in the fourth quarter, so to buy the products at cheap…

Google Shoppping Ads

People nowadays don’t step out of their house from the time they came across the Google shopping Online. On the other hand, the online retailers, with the help of the creative team creates appealing ads to increase audience curiosity. Ads with images and good description result in sales and create awareness of the brand. Google Shopping Ads are the best way to see what products users are interested. Understanding the consumer helps in creating stronger ads.

Brand Awareness
You should establish better brand awareness. …

Black Friday Tips

When is Black Friday? — 23 November 2018.

Tips to save on Black Friday

  1. Don’t wait for Friday — Previously people used to check the calendars and on weekends newspaper to check which retailers have provided good deals for shopping. Black Friday starts a month before and starts giving offers the whole month. The reason is to check how the sale works.
  2. Research — Study the ads everywhere on newspaper or online, before Thanksgiving. Proper research online as well as offline would lead you to great deals.
  3. Compare Prices — If you get a suitable deal, don’t just think of…

Advanced Feed Management Tools

The biggest challenge for online retailers today is to optimize their data feeds not only that but to market them on different online channels according to their compliance is also a tough task.

In today’s market, retailers out there are searching and using the best feed management software to have control over their product data. There are various levels of tools, people with a small business can manage with the basic version, but retailers who are highly involved with huge products would be still searching for the best feed management tool online.

Feedengine guide to the problem and also the…


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