The consumer cum default mode and Illusion called privacy.

Adnan Shamim

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself – and you are the easiest person to fool.
Richard Feynman.
Everyone is a consumer in one or other way but problem arises when a person is dumbed down to such a extent that they even don’t realise that they have been trapped into a rabbit hole.
The digital revolution has provided us accessibility to many things,but wait it is great or not.The awnser lies more leftwards.Know let’s explore the consumer mode and illusion called privacy and take a journey of how I got out of it.
Six years ago a amazing device came in my home a smartphone,of course it was not for me,It was my mother’s phone and I used it a lot.How one thing went to other and 6 years passed,I realised it a few days ago when I watched a video related to privacy breach by Google.

I never questioned why these services such as Google,fb, YouTube, Instagram,Tiktok,Gmail aaee free and are supported only by ads yet they are few of the most valuable companies in world.In my shocking journey of truth unfolding I realised that in business only profit matters and
If anything is free then you are the product.

Sounds like a conspiracy,wait let me back this claim by facts.
If you have tried some sort of digital detox or tried to quit social media then you might have used the apps which tracks your usage of different apps and how much time you opened a app,how much time you unlocked your mobile.

But here comes a click you are willingly giving your whole data to app without even knowing.It’s a great quote that money really unfolds the person who really is
DATA is new oil and privacy in technological era is just a myth.These app sells your data to third party and make a huge profit in it.
You might have listened many time being very greedy is not good but you might have ignored it.Google in the name of sync takes away all your contacts, personal photos,videos,mails and store them on their server permanently.

Now their are many intelligent people who will tell I don’t want privacy ,I have nothing to hide.REALLY,when no one is around you and you switched to incognito mode,do you want companies to run ads on what you browsed.Do you want your photos which you clicked with your girlfriend to have memories to be used by advertisers,to irritate you with targeted ads,Do you want your card details to be published on dark web.Do you want your nudes which you sent to your girlfriend go viral and someone blackmails you based on that.

When a child is young he doesn’t know that fire can burn him.You and I didn’t knew about importance of privacy so know we have understood the problem what is the solution
You can break your smartphone and go to Himalayas and live is monk

but that’s not the solution.Here are few basic tips
*Don’t use apps if it’s possible to access apps through their websites
*Make sure to switch off your Google sync
*Don’t use tracking apps for digital detox.
*Don’t send nudes in any form through smartphones.
*If possible restrict your app permission and turn off personalised ads

*Don't save your card details in any app
*If a paid version is available for the that you use very much,then buy it.Your mental health matter more than 💰.
At last I will want to tell you when you message anyone,you lose the ownership but not the responsibility.The digital world is very wicked be smart as your PRIVACY is in your own hands.You can't stop the fire from burning you but you can minimise it effects.Don't be a senseless consumer questions everything.Time is very precious and Life is a one way 🚆 that only take you closer to your death



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