How To Clean Sperry Shoes

nike free 5.0 Need to know how to clean Sperry shoes? Sperry shoes are the original boat shoe. They are made to be used in water, so learning how to clean Sperry shoes should not be rocket science, unless you are trying to remove paint or gum. If the shoes are especially dirty, a little elbow grease and some oil-removing detergent should do the trick.
To clean Sperry shoes, you will need:
Your favorite dish washing detergent
Nail polish remover
A scrub brush
A tablespoon (to measure)
An old pillow case
Cotton balls
nike blazers low 1. Wet your Sperry shoe with water. Take a tablespoon of your favorite dish washing detergent and scrub the shoes until clean. Wash the soles to clean Sperry shoes properly. Repeat several times until clean.
2. Soak a cotton ball with nail polish remover. Use it to spot clean areas of the Sperry shoe that don’t come clean.
3. Take the insoles out to clean Sperry shoes if they’re not glued in. Put your shoes with the insoles you took out in an old pillow case and knot it.
4. Take the knotted pillow case with the Sperry shoes inside and put it in the washing machine with your favorite laundry detergent. Run the washing machine with the Sperry shoes inside on a long washing cycle with cool water.
nike free 5. Remove your shoes from the washing machine. Put the insoles and your Sperry shoes in a dry place, outside if it’s a warm day, to dry. Put the cleaned insoles or new insoles back into your Sperry shoes once they are completely dry.
After cleaning your Sperry shoes, you may notice that some of the spots were from the leather losing its color due to wear. Fix this problem by taking a trip to your local shoe repair shop, where they definitely have a variety of shoe colors to touch up your Sperrys and make them look like new.

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