If something big happens to you, like you meet someone, you get in a fight or over a fight with your parents, a friend, a boyfriend or you and your ex start talking again, does it really matter which friend you tell first? Because in the end your going to tell which friends you want to tell, and your going to say the same thing to them.

That is one thing that is happening to me right now at this very moment. I think its ridiculous how one of my friends told me something first that had happened to her this morning, then telling our other friend what had happened after, and now that friend is mad. Its so dumb! She’s upset over nothing! Way to start drama by getting mad at something sooo stupid as that. Who knew that someone could get mad about something because they weren’t told first.

If this ever happens to you, is it really worth getting mad about? Because it really isn’t, who cares if you weren’t told first. You should be happy that person even told you what happened. If you weren’t told first it doesn’t mean that friend likes the other friend more.

She probably just thought of that person first because they could of hung out the day before, and what had happened could have started when they were hanging out that day. So don’t get upset if you weren’t told first because its a lame excuse to get mad at a friend, when they can tell the news they have to whomever they want to first.

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