The last 24 hours have been pure h*ll. when to a family cook out. A lot of weird stuff happened but I will elaborate on that probably on another day, if even

Well, during the cook out a few family members started arguing over the political crap that is going on. Im only 14 and I know its all a scam! Because of this the whole day at the cook out was very miserable. It was like everyone was in my mind.

So I go out to the small side deck near the front of the house and Im playing a game on my phone and one of my cousins comes to me and we started talking. What she said to me was really disturbing and I though I was the one with issues. I will not repeat what she said but maybe in a future post.

I go back inside and find a small place to sit and eat some food, probably the only fun thing I did all day! So when we get home, I come to find out I left my phone charger So I decide to watch a movie. I get the dvd case and the movie is gone. Its not in the dvd player. So I went and took a shower then went to bed at 8pm… Woke up early, but probably one of the best night sleep Ive had in my whole life.

I wake up at 4 am and start playing a game on my laptop. NO INTERNET SIGNAL!!! So I had to use my hotspot on my phone. Then around 7 am I decide to go to dunkin donuts for a donut and coffee. They didnt have the donut I wanted and the coffee was the burnt crap at the end of the pot! I get home and told mom the internet was out and come to find out the dam cat chewed one of the cords on the router.

Life s*cks when stuff like that happens…

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