Imagery clip for “Chausar” or “Changashtak”. Source: Google

I was around 5–6 years old that time.. A skinny boy!

Those were the times I remember, me and mom used to sleep in my bedroom. It was beautifully decorated, with lots of my toys and games. Dad had brought me a computer, but Muma restricted my play time on it.

She would usually read me stories to bed but those days she didn’t. She would say she has a headache. But I was a happy boy because I felt safe in her arms while sleeping.

I didn’t know what was going on those days but mom dad used to…

Living away from home, away from a known zone!

Hi All,
And this time this ‘Hi’ is from Bangalore, oops precisely from The Bengaluru ;)
So this post is coming up pretty late than what the title suggests, but its more of my own experience of the first week in this new city. A blend of what I usually have heard and what all things surprised me.

A soothing glance of Bengaluru! (Image subject to Copyright!)

So it was the evening of IPL 2019 finals, and I landed at Bangalore just when MI won the trophy and the crowd (the passengers and airport staff) got crazy over the match…

Preparing for Python Jobs? Here are some interview tips.

Python: interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language

Python programming vs. other strictly typed, compiled programming languages was the topic of debate amongst us most of the time in office.

Joined as a graduate engineer in a software corporation and started working on a project with Python as a major language of programming, it hit me to pen down my experience with Python.

Well, I came from Java as the main language of study, college projects, and training. …

Aditi Wakhale

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