Glorified blueberries

All writers polarize their readers at some point — political views, life values, etc. So I’ll get this out of the way while my readership is non-existent: Blueberries are the best fruit. Deal with it.

Naturally, my musical tastes, dating preferences, personality, etc. are all just extensions of this. Have fun in the comments section.

Unrelated to daylight-savings-time

My friend once asked me, “What’s the last thing you learned?”. It’s like he missed the memo — no hard questions after 5pm. I paused. Usually, I fend off critical thinking opportunities with jokes. Shit, I had nothing.

Earlier that day, I had fixed an issue where ads in Egypt were showing at the wrong time again. After some investigation, it turns out Egyptian DST legislation is fairly nuanced. Embroiled in debate over various religious constraints, energy studies, and legacy WWII legislature, the republic actually votes on DST reinstatement every year. Who knew? Is there no empathy for us developers that must perennially update this?

Near overwhelmed by self-pity, I had found a silver lining. Maybe they’ll ask about Egyptian DST this Thursday at trivia night. Or maybe I’ll be useless again.

Well, this story is pretty f — ing lame. But, I did learn these things:

  • People in Egypt use my product 👍
  • Governments, business, and people change their minds all the time.
  • DST is stupid and so are timezones.

I definitely peaked in high school

Because I have no pride as a writer, I can shamelessly circumvent good practices such as transitions and general logical flow. I want to talk about drawing now.

After a 4 year hiatus, I recently picked up the hobby again. Only this time, I wanted to experiment with pens instead of pencil. This was a huge mistake.

The issue with ink is that it’s committal. Once you f — up, it’s permanent. Your only redemption is crumpling up the paper, running it under generous amounts of water, and condemning it to the garbage disposal. I am being a little dramatic, maybe just burning it would suffice.

Something like the picture above would be very difficult to do without an eraser. That’s really not what pens are good at, stylistically speaking. You want a lot of short, trace-like lines. Then, when you err, you can correct it with about 10–15 much darker lines.

I should look into disabling comments

Once you throw perfection out, things become much easier. When it comes to drawing lines, you just want more good ones than bad ones. Most 6 year olds could tell you that, but it took an additional 19 years for me to subdue my OCD.

These years also taught me something else — no matter how bad of an “artist” you are, as long as your work does not look particularly phallic, the reviews will be somewhat forgiving. That said, never underestimate the Internet’s ability to interpret your work.

If any other remotely palatable works come out of my ongoing vacation, I may post them to Instagram.

Who ordered the f — ing salad?

And that concludes my first post :)

I’m not really interested in disseminating wisdom across Internet-land. Rather, this blog is about sharing things I find everyday. I’m not going to make you more productive or stump you with bogus frameworks for business thinking.

There will be science. There will be irony. There will be Silicon Valley references. There will be inappropriate humor. I’ll be striving for a treacherous mix of instructive and destructive commentary.

And yes, I already regret writing this under my own name.