Day 25 — Why Momentum Is Like A Train That Can Go Both Ways

This is a LIVE case study where I am documenting my journey to becoming a highly paid marketing consultant by blogging everyday for 50 consecutive days. It’s called “50 Days to Freedom: My Journey to 5 Figures in 50 Days“. At the end of the post, you will find links to all the previous posts.

I have to be honest…

I am coming to the realization that I am not putting in the work necessary to hit my goal of $10,000 per month in 50 days.

Today, half way though the challenge, and I have not generated a penny in this new venture.

That is unacceptable.

I am currently working with 5 hot leads, and know that things can change fast in this business. A closed deal or two has the power to explode my confidence, and this busienss is all about confidence.

When you close a couple deals, you can then leverage that momentum moving forward…FAST!

Momentum is great train to ride — as long as it is in the right direction. It can also work against you, and I have rode that train a few times over the years. It typically happens when you take things personally, and has the power to spiral out of control, fast.

Truth be told, I am spending too much time on “non-money making activities”.

This is a super common problem for a lot of online marketers. They worry about blogging, social media, wasting time in FB groups, chatting with friends, blogging on Medium :), changing the color of their logo, etc to avoid the money making activities, as that typically involves SALES.

This has been a big issue for me over the years, and I need to change my approach.

This picture sums it up perfectly…

No magic is happening because I am too comfortable.

The lesson in all this…I recognize this, and that is powerful.

Time to make a change, as actions speak MUCH louder than words.

Day #25 Breakdown

I had a call scheduled with a gym owner on Monday who blew me off. They emailed and told me they had a family emergency and needed to re-schedule. We re-scheduled for this morning, I confirmed the call last night, they emailed back “yes”, and didn’t answer when I called. Sent an email and still have not heard back.

I talked about this the other day, and unfortunately, this happens. You have to draw a line somewhere and I typically give people one chance, unless they have a valid reason why they missed the initial appointment. This person had a valid reason, so I agreed to re-schedule our call.

Obviously, I made a mistake.

credit: Giphy

Time to move on.

I continue having issues with the email scraping software I use, so I didn't send out any emails today.

I did coordinate with another gym owner about his offer, access to his Facebook account, and when we are going to launch the advertising campaign. We should be launching the campaign this weekend.

I also played about with a CRM-like tool called Sort’d, which is Gmail extension. Again, another non-money making activity that I spent a good hour on, and not sure I’ll even use it moving forward.

Day #25 Numbers

Emails Sent: 0

Sales Calls: 0

Facebook Posts: 0

Leads Generated: 0

Action Plans/Proposals Sent Out: 0

Revenue Generated: $0

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