Day 26 — My Kryptonite

This is a LIVE case study where I am documenting my journey to becoming a highly paid marketing consultant by blogging everyday for 50 consecutive days. It’s called “50 Days to Freedom: My Journey to 5 Figures in 50 Days“. At the end of the post, you will find links to all the previous posts.

Mastering your mind.

This is what holds 98.3% of people back, if not more. It’s held me back for years, and I still have trouble with it.

Like the late great Notorious B.I.G once rapped about, it’s an everyday struggle…

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In yesterday’s post (read it here), I talked about being half way through this challenge and how I was not doing the work that is required to hit my goal.

I have not generated any income from this venture, and am determined I will hit the goal. However, I’d be lying to you, if I told you I don’t worry about it sometimes.

Self doubt crept in today.

Admittedly, that is my kryptonite.

I questioned what I was doing, why I was doing this, am I qualified enough, along with 461 other questions, give or take.

This is called Imposter syndrome and is very real, and extremely common battle a lot of entrepreneurs deal with.

Here is Wikipedia’s definition of it, here is a podcast on the subject, and here are 21 ways to overcome it.

I have observed, and even reached out to high achievers, and asked one simple question to uncover the answer to…

How do you deal with self doubt?

From what I have found, EVERYONE deals with self doubt. It seems that the high achievers are better at managing it.

So you WILL have self doubt

Most of us deal with it DAILY.

Some of use (me) deal with it HOURLY.

More importantly, it’s ok to have it.

Just know that it is common, even though your Facebook feed is filled with everyone’s Highlight Reel.

Day #26 Breakdown

I communicated with the hot leads on strategy. Having a ‘Godfather’ offer is probably the most important piece of the ‘Facebook puzzle’. A lot of business owners are hesitant on offering too much upfront.

In any business, the real money is made on the backend — the repeat purchases from happy customers/clients/members/patients over the years. It’s ok to break even or take a loss on the initial purchase.

You have to remember that Facebook is a social platform and people are not looking to be sold. You are competing with not only other businesses , but friends, families, what Trump said/didn’t say, terrorist attacks, cat videos, etc.

You have to slice through all that noise, and having a ‘Godfather’ offer is what is demands attention. Like Gary Vaynerchuk talks about often, you’re in the attention business.

Day #26 Numbers

Emails Sent: 0

Sales Calls: 0

Facebook Posts: 0

Leads Generated: 0

Action Plans/Proposals Sent Out: 0

Revenue Generated: $0

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