Day 38–5 (of many) Reasons Why I Prefer Facebook for Lead Generation

This is a LIVE case study where I am documenting my journey to becoming a highly paid marketing consultant by blogging everyday for 50 consecutive days. It’s called “50 Days to Freedom: My Journey to 5 Figures in 50 Days“. At the end of the post, you will find links to all the previous posts.

Cold email is not the most effective way to generate business.

Not to mention, it’s horrible for positioning.

One of the purposes of this case study was to prove that you can become a highly paid marketing consultant for very little start up money, IF you’re willing to put in the work.

If you don’t have the money, you’re gong to have to pay with sweat equity — your time.

If you have money to invest, typically you can save a considerable amount of time getting up & running.

You’re going to need one or the other.

Since I closed a client the other day, I plan re-invest some of that money into Facebook advertising.

Here are just a few of the reasons why I love generating leads with Facebook

  1. My lead generation is automated, AND so is my appointment setting.

2. It runs ‘round the clock — always working for me 24/7/365

3. It’s better than any employee as it never calls in sick, takes a vacation or flirts with Debbie in accounting

4. It positions me as the expert. Considering one of the services I offer is Facebook ads management, it makes sense to practice what I preach, right?

5. It can be a lot of fun (can be stressful at times, too)

And once you get a campaign dialed in, it’s like pouring gas on a fire.


A few months back, I put together a mini training teaching real estate agents how to set up an automated lead generation system that generates leads for them 24/7/365.

I launched a Facebook campaign in late February promoting this training to see if agents would be interested in doing it all themselves.

At the time, it was a 7 day challenge where I emailed them a daily video (12–18 minutes long). In these videos, I walk them through the process of how to automate their lead generation, appointment setting, and how to run successful Facebook advertising campaigns.

I am basically showing them exactly what I am doing to them.

It’s almost like they are in the Matrix

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Here is a screenshot of the real estate leads (Keller Williams) I generated with Facebook a few months back…

The top is men, and the bottom is women.

I am happy with $3.17 per lead in the B2B space.

I literally just came up with the idea to re-launch this campaign as we’re almost starting the 4th quarter for this challenge, and I am pulling out all things to smash that goal!

New Toy

I invested in a CRM (SalesFlare and App Sumo has a lifetime deal for $39 — normally $30 per month) this morning as the spreadsheet I was using was getting too cluttered. They also have a Google chrome extension, so you can utilize a lot of the features right in your inbox.

I spent a good chunk of the morning importing leads, creating opportunities (deals), follow up notes, tasks, etc. This should help me tremendously with keeping leads organized. And should prevent any from slipping through the cracks. which sadly, is quite common in a lot of industries.

Most people I speak with about CRMs, never spend the time to learn them. It is well worth it to dedicate a few days to learning your CRM. You’ll thank me later, I promise.

Buy me a pizza or a round of beers.

Luckily, SalesFlare was very easy to get up and running. I’ll learn more as I go, but for now, I am really enjoying it.

Follow Up King

Chatted with 2 former leads on Facebook chat this afternoon. One guy is from Scotland and was looking for help with his driveway cleaning business. We chatted a few weeks ago, and he told me he was in talks with a few marketers, but was leaning towards hiring me.

Then he disappeared, so figured he hired someone else.

I reached out a couple days ago to see how things were going.

Told me he’s sick of wasting money, and this marketer was not generating any new business for him. I told him you cannot consider money wasted, IF you learn from it. This is extremely common when I talk with small business about Facebook especially.

He’s spent $100 on this campaign :(

I looked at his ad, his landing page and his offer and offered my opinion, and I was not surprised it was not generating any business.

Your ad, your offer, your images and where you’re sending the people have to all be congruent. It’s surprising how many make this mistake.

I chatted with him for a good 45 minutes or so, with ZERO intention on picking up his business. Not an ideal client, or a business I want to get involved with. Not an easy service to sell on Facebook, and I told him that.

I did it for the goodwill, but last I checked, goodwill doesn’t pay the bills. Sometimes I get lost in the vortex of Facebook messages people seeking out free advice.

Another lady who I sent a proposal to 3 weeks ago finally responded! I have not heard from her since sending the proposal (can be common), but she wants to chat again next week.

We’ll see if it leads to any business.

Leveling Up

I joined a men’s paid mastermind this morning. The group has ONE goal — to help me get what I want out of life. Music to my ears, or I guess to my eyes since I read it on a computer screen?

This band of brothers will help me become a better man, a better father, a better leader and a better entrepreneur.

The absolute best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself.

Day #38 Numbers

Emails Sent: 67

Sales Calls: 0

Facebook Posts: 0

Leads Generated: 0

Action Plans/Proposals Sent Out: 0

Revenue Generated: $500/mo

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