The CoinPennant platform will introduce a social network where traders and analysts will be able to collaborate more efficiently. Based on subscriptions, analysts will be able to provide traders with information on trading opportunities. Additionally, CoinPennant will automatically perform and evaluate chart patterns and trigger signals to the subscribers.

CoinPennant will provide several possibilities for you to be informed of future investment opportunities. The platform will provide a customizable management overview of all crypto assets for the subscriber. The analysts will also be provided with a management overview of all their subscribers, it will offer an advanced messaging system dashboard and a detailed overview over their favorite cryptocurrencies.

Our goals are:

  • Technical analysis.

Perform technical analysis of several cryptocurrencies to provide predictions about their future values.

  • Social Network.

A social network will allow traders and investors to collaborate to identify the best investment.

  • Copy trading.

Users will be able to subscribe to notifications for these predictions and to obtain information on investment opportunities.

  • Marketplace.

A subscription-based business model will allow users to get the latest information about the selected cryptocurrency from exerienced analysts and technical analysis results.

  • Subscriptions.

Introduction of a new cryptocurrency to handle the subscriptions.

CoinPennant Crowdsale.

  • The CoinPennant ICO will commence in November 2017 and will accept ETH tokens.
  • One invested ETH will provide 3000 CPT tokens.
  • A total of 150 million (150.000.000) CoinPennant tokens (CPT) will be the total token supply.
  • Soft cap: 300 ETH
  • Hard cap: 40000 ETH


The sooner you participate, the larger you bonus will be.

Tokens will be distributed according to the progressive bonus scale.

  • from 0-10% token sold you will get 15% bonus
  • from 10-20% token sold you will get 12.5% bonus
  • from 20-30% token sold you will get 10% bonus
  • from 30%-40% token sold you will get 7.5% bonus
  • from 40%-50% token sold you will get 5% bonus
  • from 50%-60% token sold you will get 3.8% bonus
  • from 60%-70% token sold you will get 2.5% bonus


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