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Most Caucasian people would say that they’re not privileged. They work hard, they have jobs, pay their bills like anyone else. They have hardships in their relationships like anyone else. They’re capable of getting sick like anyone else. For the most part we are all living the same human experience. We’re fighting the same fight just to survive. And the reality is that a majority of white people don’t live in excess and don’t make more than an average person’s wage.

Yet there is privilege.

Now to be honest there are lots of privileges that can help boost your place…

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Have you ever found yourself in a relationship with someone who checked all the boxes you were looking for, but after a few weeks together you start getting uneasy feelings about them? Like something isn’t right… Chances are it wasn’t. I wish I knew the biggest red flags in a relationship before I got involved. This is my top 2020 dating advice.

It’s actually fairly common for people to stay in relationships WAYY longer than they should. If you’re someone looking for true love, avoid wasting time with duds by keeping an eye out for these red biggest flags in…

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So I’m back at work finally. Whew. I thought I would be at home forever. I do not miss scrambling and working myself day and night trying to keep up with my daughter’s school and my work obligations.

Its been about 3 weeks since we’ve returned. Real estate is one of those job that just keeps churning no matter what. You’ve got to keep making money for those greedy landlords! They get paid first! (sarcasm).

Anyways, I thought I would be happy that quarantine is finally over and thought I can get back to business as usual. But why is…

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We live in a society that’s all about reward and recognition. We want to be the best, the smartest, the prettiest, the coolest. It’s a huge pressure we carry around, and we don’t even realize it.  As millenials, we tend to put a huge amount of expectation on our selves to perform and be overall successful by society’s standards. We’re constantly asking ourselves “will I ever be good enough? and how can I reach my full potential”

When I was 21 I would cry in my bed just thinking about how everyone was having so much fun without me. Facebook…

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These days I’m a bit of a loner. Not to say I have no friends anymore but I definitely have a better quality friends. It took me a while to figure out that having a lot of friends didn’t mean I had great friendships or that I was a great person to be friends with. During that time when I considered myself pretty popular, most of my friends ended up being fake.

It was a painful realization to know that a majority of my friends were just friends with me because of circumstances, not because they genuinely liked me as…

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Ten years ago, no one would have asked this question of “should you go to college?,” the idea of not getting a college education seemed ludicrous. But recently, many disadvantages of going to college have come to light and it has everyone questioning, “is it really necessary? And a good college degree worth the money?”

I graduated high school in 2007, when prosperity was flowing and the economy booming. As young high school graduates we were all excited to start our college careers. My last year of high school was devoted to college applications, college tours and college nights where…

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Self esteem. Most people don’t know how to build their self esteem. And it’s tough, self esteem is kind of an abstract concept. Most people feel like they know what it is but they really don’t. It’s one of those ideals people constantly chase like- purpose, meaning, life, and goodness. Self esteem is probably the most valuable thing you can have and yet so many people don’t posses it.

So what is self esteem? And how do you build your self esteem?

Self esteem, by my definition, is a sense of confidence and belief in oneself that you are a…

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So what is it like to experience Introverted Intuition as your dominant function?

It’s not normal.

INFJs and INTJs make up about 2–4% of the population in terms of personality type. Only INFJs and INTJs are able to use introverted intuition as their dominant function.

For those who don’t know what introverted intuition is: it’s a function where you’re able to easily access your subconscious. People who use this function primarily live in their heads. We kind of see the world in a different way. For INFJs we pair extroverted sensing with our introverted intuition to understand the world.


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Spending all day with your partner.


Plus kids.

Plus work.

Plus remote learning.

Plus domestic duties.

It’s a lot. This is no vacation. Though I really feel like I might need one after all this is said and done.

My husband and I have NEVER spent so much time together. Even when we were dating in college, we would take breaks from each other here and there.

Now it’s literally 24/7 together in a 1200sqft two bedroom apartment with two kids and I think I’m going stir crazy.

Even though we live together, that doesn’t mean we spend all…

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I always imagined that I would marry a man who was tall, dark and handsome, who was obsessed with me and adored me. It was a very immature kind of fantasy because relationships are complex and to expect your partner to always be available and tend to you hand and foot is actually kind of selfish. But that was what I believed for the longest. Little did I know that women everywhere were asking why men won’t commit.

What I did get was a husband who pulled his weight, loved our kids and one who shared his hobbies and interests…

Laurie Concepcion

Just a blogger :) I work in NYC by day and blog by night of everything career, inspirational and relationship related. INFJ

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