Charles Tyler

A violation of sovereignty is an act of war. The installation of a puppet by a foreign power is an act of war. A covert action is an act of war, given cover and acceptable only because the players all agree to not go to war if there’s plausible deniability.

The only reasonable response to such aggression by a foreign power is to go to war to remove the puppet and if possible remove the regime that took hostile action. It’s actually not a fucking joke, but all these well paid pundits are literally too ensconced in their bubble to consider the magnitude of their accusations.

Propaganda isn’t an act of war nor, but the implication that our sovereignty was violated would require military response. And for what? These assholes in the Democratic party and the media elite are desperate for any excuse for Clinton losing other than Clinton herself. They are rattling sabers to do just that, and it’s not a fucking light accusation.

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