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Congrats to Westbrook, but I wouldn’t have given a first place vote just for the triple doubles. Amazing feat and he was the most valuable player in that his team wouldn’t make the Chinese league playoffs, but he wasn’t the most valuable player in the NBA. Harden or Kawhi. But this was the least hype MVP ever, I forgot they were even awarding it this week. NBA can have an awards show, just do it before the playoffs.

Now, Taylor Swift doesn’t matter wrt basketball, it’s just a dumb video she made because people make dumb videos. And she would have done nothing about Trump. This is the part that gets my goat. One more celebrity wasn’t going to flip the Rust Belt, because no one outside of California or New York gives a shit about what Taylor Swift thinks about things.

Imagine the fucking logic that, if only Taylor Swift had sung ‘Fight Song’ a capella in that DNC video then Wisconsin would have never flipped.

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