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I gotta be honest, I like reading your words on the site here and I think journalism is important. It’s dumb as hell that there are people in every comment on every remotely political article claiming that the Ringer should stick to sports. Like get real you fucking losers, your life is not so stressed that words here are enough to ruin your day. And if your life does suck that much that you can’t handle opinions, you have bigger problems.

However, there’s this pervasive ideology underpinning almost all so-called anti Trump coverage that ignores the disturbing truth. The reality is that Trump is a symptom.

Right now the only thing stalling the weapon of mass destruction known as the GOP health ‘care’ bill is the fact that they cannot decide how awful it’s going to be. There are senators who are concerned that the bill will not kill enough people to pay for rich people’s tax cuts, so it has to be even worse than it is now. Why are they doing this? Trump, as a rich person, will benefit from lower taxes. But he’s not why they’re doing it.

60,000 people died from drug overdose last year. The creeping specter of drug addiction, and particularly heroin, is right now creating a generation of lost children. The foster care system is overloaded with de jure and de facto orphans. Why is this happening? Trump didn’t get these people addicted to opioids. Trump didn’t create the environment where normal people have no recourse but to work through injury. Trump didn’t lobby doctors and hospitals to overprescribe painkillers.

As awful as the Syrian war has been to create a generation of refugees, it’s nothing compared to what’s coming. Hundreds of millions of people will be climate refugees in my lifetime. Trump didn’t kill the development of nuclear or renewable power 40 years ago. Trump isn’t the one that invented climate change denial. He’s certainly in a position to do something now, but we are well past the point of mitigating climate change and into the stage where we decide how we can adapt to it.

And today Daddy Donald gets to be the one who directs the American government’s policy on all of this and more. I never voted for him, I don’t like him, I don’t agree with him on basically anything, but just saying he’s #notmypresident doesn’t change that he’s actually the fucking president.

The accusations of Russian meddling are not benign, and sanctions are not proportional response. These beltway pundits breathlessly talk it up like it’s some celebrity who got caught getting a blowjob from a prostitute. The interference in the political sovereignty of the United States is an act of war. If there was ever a reason to actually go to war with another nuclear power and arguably the second most powerful military in the world, this is fucking it. And yet none of the talking heads seem to grapple with that idea. I don’t buy that Trump has the mental capacity to actually be a part of it, but I don’t see any evidence that either Democrats or the media have even considered World War 3 is even possible. They just want to treat Trump like he’s the problem, and getting him out is justified by any means necessary.

How does he get out? Is his own party going to impeach him? All they need is for him to rubber stamp their bills, and he’s popular enough to motivate the base to turn out and vote (as evidenced by every special election thus far). Why would McConnell or Paul Ryan kill their golden smooth brained goose? Does he resign?

In any case that Trump cannot continue as president, Mike fucking Pence gets to sit in the Oval Office. He has as bad or worse views than Trump on almost everything, and Pence doesn’t have dementia. What does getting Trump out of office actually do to fix any of the major problems facing our communities or our country or our world?

I’m not saying we should just sit quietly. But no one asks the question, how is Mike Pence any better? Will he be ‘presidential’ as he repeals the school lunch program and starves poor Americans?

Mark Zuckerberg is apparently trying to run for president. Because what we really need is someone who can run the government like a business. Oh yeah, sure, fucking great.

Honestly, is this the price of your journalistic Golden Age?

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