Amigo, the Democratic party are not ‘comfortable in opposition,’ they passed the ACA during the…
Mark Armstrong

It was Democrats who killed the public option. People like Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Hillary Clinton have organized and repeatedly lost winnable elections. It’s not because they are women, it’s because they are dumb and no one believes them when they claim to stand for something. This started with Bill Clinton, he’s the one who inaugurated mass incarceration and gutted the welfare system because it was 'bipartisan’.

Clinton couldn’t even take a stand on a 15 dollar minimum wage. She had to pre negotiate it to 12 dollars. That’s the standard operating procedure for Democrats for decades now, self compromise before you even get to the negotiating table with the other side. When negotiating anything, you are always supposed to ask for more than you expect to get then negotiate down. The democratic party can’t even do that.

For a party that supposedly exists for people who aren’t rich, there is no need to ask for less at all. There are like 11 million millionaires in America. There are 310 million people in the country who aren’t millionaires. On election day, the vote of Dan Gilbert is as valuable as the vote of the guy who shines his shoes. But to win an election you have to give people something to vote for and believe in. 45% of the voting eligible population did not vote in November.

Even now, democratic proposals to fix Obamacare have as much shot of passing the Republican congress and being signed by daddy Donny as Medicare for all. Except normal people actually want single payer and would turn out for a party that would enact policies that benefit them. No one goes to a ballot box to sacrifice themselves.

They are not my friends as long as they kowtow to insurance companies and banks and the financial aristocracy.

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