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It’s telling that Trumpists control all levels of government but act like triggered precious snowflakes because they don’t also control all conversations or culture outside the actual halls of power. Politics is pop culture, you fucking morons. Stranding poor people with Medicaid cuts isn’t enough for you people?

Russia 'hacking' was phishing to get login credentials. They were not breaking into encrypted servers to manipulate data, they got passwords from careless people. I really hate the drumbeat of hacking because Russia hacking the election implies that they manipulated the vote, when what they did was gather and release propaganda because someone was too stupid to notice a phishing link.

Trump is too dumb to collude with anyone. The Trump team is not a bunch of Machiavellian masterminds who are scheming like House of Cards. They are bumbling idiots consisting of people like Jared Kushner, the New York real estate heir who is going to solve the Arab Israeli conflict with his expertise in dealmaking. No one more than Trump, who only avoided being completely ruined because his rich dad kept loaning him money interest free when Daddy Donald overleveraged.

None of this shit would have been an issue if the DNC hadn’t colluded to coronate Clinton. They even wanted to face Trump in the general. The Democrats are pushing this to cover up their own gross incompetence at actually doing politics, because for all the desperation in fundraising to pay their idiot consultants they lost. They didn’t even dig up the Access Hollywood tapes and they didn’t dig up any of the moronic racist shit Trump says, NBC just decided on their own to release the tapes and Trump gladly fired up crowds with whatever got the biggest applause line.

Kick all of them out of office.

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