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Jimmy Buckets was a 30th pick, frankly I’m surprised everyone tends to be so bearish on non lotto picks. Not saying everyone is going to be like him or Kawhi or Draymond or Isaiah or Manu, but there’s this attitude that non lotto picks are trash when frankly a lot of lotto picks never pan out either.

No one comes out of the womb with a jump shot. Shooting, defense, passing, etc are skills that can be taught if the right coach and mentors are available. Athleticism is the only thing you can’t teach, the rest depends on a willingness to learn and mentors who can teach.

The Bulls trying to join the Knicks in the hapless big market crowd, I don’t understand why they do anything. But just in terms of evaluating prospects, I think teams need to understand how to invest in their players like Thibs invested in Jimmy when they were on the Bulls.