Polls showed that Miliband was very close to the Tories literally the day before the election that…
Michael Jenkins

Trump was the second worst candidate in history, but it wasn’t hard to see early on that he was motivating people and could attack Clinton (the actual worst candidate, considering she lost) on vulnerabilities she had because of what awful decisions she’s had in her actual record. Trump can lie about not supporting the Iraq War, but Clinton can’t because she actually voted on it. Trump can lie about caring about normal people, but Clinton can’t because she actually campaigned for NAFTA and for TPP. Trump can lie about fixing health care, but Clinton can’t because she was tied to Obamacare. Trump is openly under investigation now, but Clinton had active FBI and congressional inquiries that exposed how the rules apparently don’t apply to a Clinton.

Bernie was never vulnerable on any of that.

Pundits didn’t want to see it because that would shatter their precious world view that American politicians are all the best of our society. Michael Moore and Keith Ellison predicted Trump winning months before anyone else, for the exact reasons he actually won. Meanwhile dipshits in coastal bubbles were surprised to find out there was never a recovery in flyover country.

Trump is a giant fucking scam artist, arguably the greatest in history. He won not because he’s savvy political operator, he won because of a series of bumbling fucking morons created the only way he could win. Clinton did not make a physical appearance in the state of Wisconsin.The Clinton campaign didn’t buy ads or bother to fund organizers in Michigan or Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia. Trump won those states by like a combined 80,000 votes.

Trump would have lost to a third term Obama but Obama is ineligible. Trump would have lost to Biden. He would have lost to Warren. But neither of them ran.

Bernie did, and he would have won.

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