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You’re right. But there’s more. The front row kids? Believe they're entitled to the lion’s share of everything by virtue of their status. It’s how we’ve gone from CEO pay ratio of 10 to 1 in the 60's to an average now of 70 to 1. Because the front row? Deserves the most.

And in their pursuit of “the most”, if things are destroyed and disrupted in that pursuit? That’s the market at work, a necessary component of free enterprise. After all, in the end, the net effect is more winners than losers right? But no one ever talks to the losers about that.

Until now.

I worked for Black and Decker in the early 90's. Within six months of Al Decker passing factories were being moved off shore (Decker would not allow it while alive). And there were many many folks who received hefty bonuses for accomplishing that. The folks who worked on the shop floor? Not so much.

Greed is a great motivator. But it’s not so great at ensuring equity in distribution. In particular? When the front row kids get to decide how to divide the pie.

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