Art Fair PH 2017

The 2017 exhibit of Art Fair Philippines showcased the best contemporary art works of Filipino artists. The 4-day event lasted Feb. 16–19 at the Link Parking, Ayala Center in Makati, PH as part of the celebration of the National Arts Month.

Paseo Art Gallery exhibition at the fair

The presentation of Paseo is one of the galleries in the fair that captured my attention the most because of its artworks filled with vibrant colors. Paseo Art Gallery is among the 40 art galleries who showcased their contemporary art works. Located in Glorietta IV Ayala Center Makati, Paseo Art Gallery houses more than hundreds of portraits made by different artists such as Alvin Villaruel, Marcel Antonio, Arturo Luz, Marissa Lopa and others. It was founded in 2005 by John Valenzuela, in a small residential condominium turned stock room at the Paseo Parkview Towers along Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati City originally intended to his friends and guests who would request private viewings. (

The artworks displayed by Paseo were untitled. However, we can still capture the message of each of the portrait because of its striking creative details. The portrait on the side shows pieces of lands on a body of water. Bright colors were used to paint the land while mostly dim colors were used to paint the water and the sky.

I think the portrait tells people that we can find happiness in the middle of darkness and sadness. In a world where unfortunate things happen, there will always be people living who never lose hope and still feel happy with their life.

The second portrait shows a sleeping woman and behind her are thin tree trunks, that are also looking old and ugly. This was one of the portraits in Paseo that captured my attention the most because the colors complemented well.

I think this painting means behind anything not pleasant to our eyes, lies a hidden beauty inside.

This portrait represents beauty that comes from the heart. The bright colors here, mostly pink, signifies beauty. Looking at it, the heart is caged in the middle and has a way towards the head. Upon the head, we can see that it blooms like a flower brightly.

This deeply means that we bloom beautifully on our outside appearance because of our heart. Our heart is the center of our ourselves. What we feel inside influence us. If we have a good heart, we will always think good and think of good intentions to others. And at the end, our good heart will make ourselves do good things for other people.

Filipino Contemporary Artists

Elmer Borlongan, Emmanuel Garibay, Mark Justiniani

The three artist presented a mural representing the nation’s political condition. The mural was colored with strong dim colors with realistic figures.

My first impression on this artwork was that it addresses something about our country. It shows poverty among most of people. It also shows a nun which may symbolize our country as a Catholic nation. There are two faces shown on its center, but with one eye in common. I think this artwork tells people that despite our differences, in social classes or others, we can all see something in common with our country. And that is the prevalence of poverty among the marginalized people in our society.

Patricia Perez Eustaquio

Patricia Perez Eustaquio’s artworks were mostly or all made up with fabric. Her artworks were designed sophisticatedly in silhouette. Her works focus on marginal or fragmentary object, exploring ideas of memory.

Eustaquio’s artwork above shows a wrecked car. Knowing that her style of art is bringing memories, I think her artwork above tells people a message beyond the physical wreckage of the car. We will not have achieved the cars of today without the past features of it. Her artworks are like telling people that we will not be who we are today without our past. No matter how broken or wrecked our life could be in the past, we must learn to look back and compare that to our own better versions today.

This is my first time to go to Art Fair and it was really different with a usual visit in museums like National Museum. The people were completely different because here the target is mostly the adult audience. Because the paintings and other artworks presented in the Art Fair are for sale, the people visited were those who are interested with buying artworks, be it for collection or for just simple home or office decoration. The usual visitors of National Museum are children because it is intended for educational purposes, exposing students to history and society through art.

Art works presented in the National Museum are different with the artworks in the Art Fair. National Museum’s paintings are mostly all relevant to our country and are made by renowned national artists. Artworks of Art Fair were made by contemporary artists, and were supposedly for sale. The Art Fair showcased diverse artists of present generation who also have unique ways of thinking and medium of art.

Overall, I had a great experience going here and seeing superbly done artworks. I will surely go here in the years to come!