Question of the Day: Did You Move for a Relationship?
Nicole Dieker

I did move for a boy! But I also am a boy so the answer to your second question is no.

Like everything in life, it’s been good and bad. I did quit my job to move here, and I took a job I hated! So I quit that after two months and basically stumbled into a great job I love. (I jokingly told my boss “this is the longest I’ve stayed anywhere” and he looked worried I might leave, so that’s a good sign)

Nicole, when you say you’re not sure you’ve found your people in Seattle I totally feel that. I left behind a great group of friends in Iowa and haven’t been able to find anything even approximating that in Chicago. So, you know, I’ve been here almost five years but it’s a mixed bag. Work: never been better! Friends: big ol’ MEH.

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