BRx28: Take Action for Black Futures

Today in Black resistance: take action to protect Black futures — encourage your Senators to vote ‘NO’ on Betsy DeVos.

One call from you could change the course of public education for the entire country.

Putting Betsy DeVos in charge of the U.S. Department of Education threatens the fundamental concept of education as a public good — it would endanger educational equity and access for an entire generation. Under DeVos, the school-to-prison pipeline that criminalizes students of color could be worsened. The civil rights of students with disabilities and students of color would fall by the wayside, and schools offering vital refuge from racist immigration policies would suffer a blow.

There’s still time to fight back.

After thousands of constituents called their senators about Betsy DeVos’ radical agenda and disregard for vulnerable students, Republican senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski pledged to vote against her. Only one more Republican Senator needs to vote against DeVos to block her confirmation.

We have the power to stop Betsy DeVos and ensure that education remains a public good that is fair and accessible to all.

The following Senators have expressed skepticism about DeVos. If you live in their states, CALL THEM TODAY and let them know that the future of public education — and the well-being of students of color — depend on a ‘no’ vote on Betsy DeVos.

Sen. Deb Fischer (NE) — (202) 224–6551
Sen. Jerry Moran (KS) — (202) 224–6521
Sen. John Hoeven (ND) — (202) 224–2551
Sen. Rob Portman (OH) — (202) 224–3353
Sen. Cory Gardner (CO) — (202) 224–5941

If you aren’t sure what to say, use the calling script below. Lines may be busy — don’t give up!

Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME], a resident of [YOUR STATE].

I am calling to register my opposition to Betsy DeVos’ confirmation as secretary of education. DeVos is a direct threat to public education, and she is not qualified to be in charge of our nation’s public schools. Her nomination for secretary of education puts children all over the country at risk.

Now that Sens. Collins and Murkowski have pledged to vote no on DeVos, we need one more Republican who cares more about public education than partisan politics to join them.

Can I count on the senator to block her confirmation?

Thank you for taking a stand for public education. Together, we will win.

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