BRx28: Park Cannon is Making Black History

Today we salute Rep. Park Cannon — the youngest lawmaker in the state of Georgia. Cannon, a Black queer millennial who has broken barriers and taken the red state by storm. She’s currently one of three openly LGBTQ members of the Georgia House.

When asked about where her identity fits in her work and the movement she said, “My intersecting identities allow me to think about the full scope of our lives and bring inclusion into rooms that have historically excluded us.”

After college, Cannon went on to work at several social justice non-profits aimed towards advocating for communities of color and women. Prior to running to become a state representative, Cannon was a Black community organizer who taught Black women how to lobby in Georgia. She’s always been a strong advocate for reproductive justice and has made it a mission to speak to the inclusion of Black women in reproductive rights spaces. The conversation for Cannon and many women of color extends beyond fighting for the right to choose to bring a child into this world. Once a child is born the fight becomes one for the right to raise them in an environment that is free from violence.

Politically, she has used her platform to attack anti-LGBTQ bills, raise the minimum wage and support affordable health care. Cannon represents the next generation of movement leaders in the south. Throughout her career, she has made it a part of her mission to support her community. We recognize Cannon as a Black, queer woman who is fearlessly making (Black) history.