In response to Trump’s attacks, we will strengthen our movements

Every time we look up, there seems to be a new attack from the administration against people of color. The first weeks of Trump’s presidency have been about criminalizing and dehumanize immigrants, refugees, Muslims, Black people and trans communities across the country.

Do not get discouraged. As we speak, movements across the country are digging in and redoubling efforts to resist Trump while loving, protecting, and seeing each other.

One such example is the Solidarity Pledge launched by the #SolidarityIs initiative and Advancement Project’s national office. Signed by more than 170 groups representing diverse constituencies, the statement serves as a groundbreaking show of support and affirmation from grassroots and national community leaders across the issue spectrum. We are showing unity and commitment to deep, multi-racial, multi-class resistance and solidarity.

This initiative will lead to coordination, shared learning, and action among different groups, with impacted people of color at the center. Importantly, these are the kinds of change-driving structures that we can build with your support and engagement.

Together, we are changing what solidarity looks like in this new era of resistance.

If you haven’t yet, please share the pledge on social media and consider supporting our fight for a stronger movement today.

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