Jesse Williams Speaks Out on The Daily Show

Earlier this week, Jesse Williams joined Trevor Noah as a guest on the Daily Show. The outspoken actor and advocate, a proud member of Advancement Project’s board, spoke out on race, policing, and voting rights.

Click here to watch Trevor Noah’s full interview with Jesse Williams

Ever since the country was founded, forces of White supremacy have conspired to keep people of color from the ballot. There is a direct historical correlation between slavery, the failure of Reconstruction, Jim Crow, mass incarceration, and the push to silence and disempower Black people and other communities of color by making it harder to vote.

That’s why, from our board members like Jesse Williams, to our lawyers, organizers and communicators, we are hard at work supporting racial justice movements across the country. Our partners in states like Missouri, Florida, Virginia, New York, Mississippi and Georgia are on the ground fighting back to ensure that communities of color have access to the ballot and are not criminalized because of the color of their skin.

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Our work together is as important as ever. See you in the streets.

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