We Won’t Give Up On Our Right to Vote

On November 8, Missourians will vote on Amendment 6- a statewide amendment that would weaken our constitutional right to vote, impacting low-income, Black communities across the state. Amendment 6 would allow legislation to require that voters provide a current state-issued photo ID in order to vote. This would make it harder for the nearly 350,000 registered voters without a current state ID to vote.

If Amendment 6 passes, students, low-income folks and seniors without an up-to-date, state-issued photo ID won’t have the right to vote in Missouri. Voters of color are most likely to be impacted.

What does this mean for our movement?

The power we’ve built through our protest and organizing has not gone unnoticed. From Ferguson to Baton Rouge, our voices have been heard, our tears have been felt, and our fists have been seen as we rise up and demand our freedom. The movement for black lives has proven it won’t back down. But on November 8, Amendment 6 could undermine the power we’ve worked long and hard to build.

If we don’t make it to the polls to vote NO on amendment 6, we could lose the right to vote in future elections altogether. That means too many of us won’t have a say on who makes the decisions, both national and local. If we don’t vote NO on Amendment 6 in this election, we could lose our say on what happens in our very own communities.

What is the #NoOn6 and #DontTouchMyVote campaign?

The #NoOn6 campaign was started to protect Missourian’s right to vote. If enough Black voters make it to the polls on November 8, we can influence the right to vote in this state before it’s too late.

#DontTouchMyVote is our way of amplifying the impact Amendment 6 will have on Black voters if it passes and standing together with all the intersections of Missouri residents that would be impacted.

The deadline to register to vote in Missouri is coming up on October 12th. Make sure you’re registered and vote #NoOn6.

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