Political Disillusionment

So here we are! After months of endless news feed clattering social media, numerous questionable promises, scathing remarks and accusations, the people of the United States have spoken up and Donald Trump is their choice for Presidency.

As an immigrant who came to this country for graduate studies, who has been living in this country lawfully and who contributes to the society in every ethical way possible, I am confused as to what this Presidency is going to bring to me & to the people of this country. I feel confused about the repercussions this may have on me and my future plans. Surely there seems to be a lot of chaos with people planning to move to Canada or New Zealand but that is all social media blabbering. Personally, I don’t feel anyone will go anywhere. It’s not that easy to move. You know it! Ask a friend who rents apartments and who moves often. I feel there will be a lot a unrest and panic among people. But in a nation where so many big events that happened are now looked at as important occurrences, this election result will also be looked at in good & bad light by supporters and protesters respectively.

People will get tired and eventually move on to their lives. You can’t afford to keep protesting an election outcome on the chilly streets of New York City. It is just not practical. Another problem which I noticed is that only the big cities get the coverage who are disappointed with the outcome. I feel media is making the same mistake again of ignoring the people who have actually voted for him. These folks may not hail from the big cities. Somehow the media is to blame for the exclusiveness of the folks living in any parts other than New York, Boston, Chicago, LA and so on. Remember majority polls undermined the outcome and completely messed up their predictions.

There can be endless speculation and debate around the primary question “How did this happen?”. All one can do is understand & digest the theories and eventually accept the outcome. Life has to go on. But what irritates me more is the lack of direction in which I see things moving. The various stance once professed are now diluted or aggravated. Some new & radical resolutions discussed. This is confusing. To add to it, we hear news of increasing violence in various neighborhoods. So there is disillusionment in accepting the outcome, disillusionment in promises once made & a generic sense of darkness about the future.

Recently I was discussing the elections with a friend of mine when he asked one simple question

“ Will the President Elect actually like what is supposed to do from the bottom of his heart?”

The question leaves me pondering ..