5 Most Common Reasons Homeowners Call Plumbing Services

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3 min readJul 17, 2019


Almost all homeowners have a few tools lying around in case of a minor plumbing emergency. Most of the time, a slow drain or clogged toilet may only need a bit of elbow grease and a plunger for it to work properly again.

If you’re the handy type, small repairs such as replacing a drain cover and changing a worn out washer can be easy. However, pulling off bigger repair jobs require professional plumbing services. Attempting to go DIY on those types of repairs may lead to bigger problems, so it’s best to leave it to the pros.

That said, here are the most common reasons why homeowners schedule plumbing services.

Low Water Pressure

This is a common problem for older homes. If this happens, it might be a sign that you need a new showerhead or you have a hidden leak somewhere in your home. Those are just a few possible reasons, so it’s best to ask your local plumber.

Leaking Pipes

We see a lot of leaking pipes, especially during the freezing winter months. But did you know that this is also quite common all year round? Pipes usually start leaking near the joints, so watch out for wet spots on the ceiling or ground. To avoid costly repair for water damage, have it checked ASAP.

Slow Drain

Does the water in your kitchen sink fill up when you’re washing dishes? If so, you might be dealing with a drainage issue. There are many possible culprits but if one thing is for sure, there’s something clogging up your plumbing. Call for plumbing services to know what’s causing the slow drain.

No Water

There’s nothing more disappointing than turning on your faucet and nothing comes out. If you have already paid your water bill, the issue might be with your plumbing. A lot of factors can affect the flow of water in your home. There could be an undiscovered blockage somewhere or a leak that should be fixed.

Toilet Won’t Stop Running

A running toilet often indicates that something is seriously wrong with your plumbing system. If water continues to fill up the tank, expect your water bill to rise along with it. The toilet tank is connected to its bowl through a seal. Once this seal gets damaged in any way, water will immediately leak in, signaling the tank to keep refilling over and over again. That is the running water noise you are hearing from the toilet.

There are many things in life that we can guess our way through but plumbing is certainly not one of them. Unless you are a trained professional who has years of experience, you will likely make a mistake in diagnosing or fixing your plumbing issue — or both.

Because of this, it’s wisest to call for plumbing services right away. Doing so gives you the peace of mind knowing a solution is already on its way. If you don’t want to deal with costly repairs, consider signing up for a regular maintenance schedule.

Originally published at https://advancedplumbingandrooter.com on July 17, 2019.