Why It Is Important To Be Hydrated After Physical Therapy Treatments

Have you ever wondered why your body can sometimes cramp up hours after you have gone through a rigorous exercise regimen? It is because excessive sweating, such as the kind of sweating you do when you work out, causes a drop in blood volume. If you do not drink water to replace the fluids you lost and the increase the production of blood, then the drop in blood causes muscle cramps and other problems that normally occur if you do not hydrate yourself properly after a workout.

Most people do not understand the complex relationship between drinking water and your body’s health, but there are plenty of situations where drinking water is critical. You must drink water before, during and after a workout to prevent the side-effects of fluid loss, and you need to drink water during the course of the day to replace the fluids you lose from daily activities such as sweating and urination.

What about physical therapy treatments? If you have ever used the expert physical rehabilitation services at Advanced Physical Therapy in Gilbert, Arizona, then you may remember your therapist reminding you to drink plenty of fluids after your session. What does sports injuryphysical therapy, or any kind of physical therapy, do to require you drinking water? Once again, the answer is more complex than most people expect, but it is important to understand how important water is to recovering properly from your physical therapy treatment.

The Soft Tissue Workout of Physical Therapy

People looking for physical therapy in Gilbert AZ go to Advanced Physical Therapy for the expert way in which the therapists manipulate soft tissue. The ability to relieve tension from soft tissue helps to relieve all of the surface pain that people are feeling from their routine daily activities.

But when a therapist works on the soft tissue, or when you do basic stretching exercises, there is a release of fluids from that tissue into the muscles. While this is a normal process that occurs throughout the day, the act of a therapist working on the soft tissue accelerates the release of fluid and leaves your soft tissue depleted.

This is one reason why it is extremely important to hydrate yourself after a physical therapysession. Your soft tissue has an abnormally low amount of fluid and needs to be replenished to maintain your good health. Dehydrated soft tissue tends to bruise easier, and it can lead to muscle cramps. If your soft tissue is dehydrated, then so are your muscles. This leads to cramps, sore muscles and sore joints. All of this can be avoided if you hydrate after your physical therapy session.

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