Bridal and Party Wear Shahpur Jat Delhi

Mahoba (the land of the Chandels in the erstwhile Bundelkhand of India) is derived from “Mahotsav Nagar” that means the city of great festivals. Therefore, as a brand too it celebrates the festive spirit of its long forgotten identity (however, only heard in folks today). The effort is to explore beyond the singing glory of its mighty warriors Alha and Udal. The Portal offers Best Bridal Wear, Best Party Wear in Shahpur Jat Delhi NCR.

We not only commemorate the contributions of our natives: the Chandels; through the essence of this collection just as a visual delight but we have, in the true sense employed the valued treasures of its everlasting beauty in terms of various exquisite embellishments, motifs, silhouettes and jewels. The color palette changes from the hues of whites and pastels to the brighter tones in order to depict the festivities. The personification of the royalty is clearly visible in the construction of rich hand embroidered techniques and the usage of pure fabrics. Everything, yet quite meticulously captivated weaving what we would call: A Timeless Tale!

Collections Are: Lehengas, Sarees, Kurtas, Gowns, Kaftans and Jackets

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Best Bridal Wear in Shahpur Jat Delhi