Six of my key takeaways after attending La Raza for Liberation’s Decolonizing Unconference in Austin, Texas in January 2019

  1. Food (In)Justice.

One of my first takeaways was around thinking about food justice, veganism, and the animal rights movement differently. I learned the current vegan and animal rights movements aren’t taking into consideration intersectionality when it comes to people of color. For example, the movements often don’t consider the food…

Some hiring tips you may not have considered.

Originally published on TheatreArtLife.

While working in the Diversity & Inclusion office at Actors’ Equity Association, I had the pleasure of hearing from various stakeholders in the process of casting a show. When I say “inclusive casting,” I’m talking about casting actors of color, actors with disabilities, women, trans and gender non-conforming actors, and…

Why high school art programs matter.

After my family (read more on My Beginnings, part one), a huge contributor to my artistry the high school arts program I was a part of called Student Television Arts Company, or STAC for short.

Photo from our annual “STAC Night” presenting what we’ve been working on throughout the year.

“STAC is an alternative arts program that is unique to Herricks High School: there is…

Advancing Arts Forward by Yura Sapi

Creating liberated spaces that uplift, heal, and encourage you to change the world.

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