An Aside: Dominant Culture Bashing — A personal examination

I’m still blogging. I took a few months off in part because I have some other projects soaking up my time, but primarily because I wanted to reflect on addressing exclusive UX design.

I want to make sure my posts and recommendations for our grown as UX designers don’t go too far the other way. I don’t want to be ‘inclusive’ by excluding the dominant culture.

I don’t prescribe to the concept that the world is zero-sum. We don’t give equality to some by taking it away from others.

So how to do we address this?

Avatar design has been a starting off point for many discussions I’ve had with other designers and developers. There are a lot of hurdles, including coding blank form fields, needing to quantify data, but not the least of which is creating a form that doesn’t exclude people by including others.

I’m not advocating for reducing gender identity to two options, nor am I saying that there only being two genders is the dominate culture. In my ideal world, we wouldn’t be preoccupied with gender from the get go. But it is relevant to note that there are people in our communities who believe gender is binary.

I need to be aware that members of my community don’t hold the same world views and I need to design for them too.

Originally published at on October 9, 2016.

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