Questions to ask nurse staffing agency

There are plenty of benefits related to using the services of nurse staffing agencies. You can hire the nurses on a temporary basis, especially during peak months of your healthcare institution. The nurses, who have worked in different environments and scenarios, bring along a lot of experience with them. To ensure you have chosen the right nursing agency in Texas, there are certain questions you need to ask the service provider.

In the subsequent sections, we have listed those questions to help you select the right nursing agency.

What’s your screening process?

A reliable staffing agency always performs thorough background checks before hiring nursing staff. For them, the safety of your patients and facility is of prime importance. Such companies check everything from education and references. Drug testing is equally vital.

How to contact a representative?

A healthcare facility can require nursing staff at any time of the day. Sometimes, they require staff at odd timings (other than regular office hours). Make sure the agency you are associated with works during extended hours. Ask the modes of communication (like phone or email) through which you can discuss your requirements.

What is the structure of the fees that you charge?

Make sure you get the comprehensive structure of fees that the company is asking for. Everything should be in writing. Sometimes, there are additional charges which you aren’t aware of earlier. Check that everything is included by the agency in the quote. Compare the quotes by multiple agencies before finalizing.

Can I get the references to any existing/previous clients?

Get the contact details of healthcare facilities that are using or have used the services in the past. Connect with such facilities to ask about the level of competency possessed by the staff. Also, check if they faced any challenges in terms of staffing solutions offered by their agency.

How do you measure the client’s satisfaction?

A reliable company uses some metrics to ensure they are offering the best services. They either get written feedback from a client or interview them regarding the service. Don’t just settle for the testimonials present on the website or ones printed on the brochure. More often than not, the agencies put the best ones there.

Do you have nurses with a specialization in a particular area?

Various nurses have specialization in a particular type of medical disorder, such as cardiac care nursing, diabetes nursing, dermatology nursing, and gynecology nursing. Ask if they can provide such specialized nurses for your healthcare facility.

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